Celebrities Who Love Kaftans


It is not a secret that kaftans are stylish and never seem to go out of trend. This is why it is only natural for some of our beloved celebrities to adore summer kaftan dresses almost as much we do! They have worn it at every possible occasion- cocktails, beaches, and even parties.

Kaftans have been a comfortable dress choice for celebrities to make statements with their outfits.

Today, we break down a list of our favourite 5 celebrities who love wearing kaftan dresses in today’s world.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez in a beautiful kaftan dress


Jennifer Lopez has been a style icon for as long as we can remember. Be it her enthralling red carpet looks or an everyday outfit, Jennifer never fails to impress us with her stylish choices. She is also right here on the top of our kaftan-loving celebrity list because she has worn kaftans to the red carpet, not once but twice. It was her famous, revealing Versace dress which was a rendition of a flowy, long kaftan. She has also been known to use kaftans as the perfect beachwear. She has also been spotted going to recordings wearing them. It is safe to say that her love for kaftans speaks for itself, which puts her right here, on the top of our list. We love you, JLo!

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan loves her kaftans


I think I speak on behalf of the entire population of our country when I say that we love Kareena. From all the dynamic roles she has played over the years to all the iconic looks she has presented us with, Bebo remains unmatched. Her pregnancy brought on a lot of cheers from her fans. And that’s when we saw Kareena donning the most beautiful pregnancy kaftan dresses and posing for her balcony photoshoots. Even after her pregnancy, Kareena has been spotted wearing kaftans on the regular. And honestly? We are here for it.

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner, at 63 looks stunning in kaftans!


Love them or hate them, we all know there is no escaping the fame of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. The Kardashian clan is known for their notoriously good looks and audacious outfits, and it seems that kaftan dresses don’t remain that behind in their list of go-to holiday outfits. Kris Jenner was recently seen wearing a beautiful green kaftan dress on a yacht for her summer holiday. Not only that, she has been seen wearing it multiple times, even if it is for a casual stroll in the sunlight. Her own daughters are no strangers to making fashion statements using a kaftan. Be it Khloe, Kendall, or Kylie, these girls sure know how to pull off kaftans.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Priyanka Chopra ensures kaftans stay timeless in style and appeal


Priyanka Chopra had become a household name in India long before she went off to Hollywood to further her career. And with no surprise, she has been conquering milestones there too. While a fabulous actor and a true global icon, she is also known for serving some epic red carpet looks. One of them was her pale blue, silk kaftan dress she wore for Cannes in 2019, which she attended with her husband, Nick Jonas. Paired with pearls and a fedora, she looked nothing short of spectacular. Trust Priyanka to turn a simple kaftan dress into an elegant red-carpet piece. 


Beyonce brings out the best in this animal printed kaftan


We saved the best for the last! 

Beyonce has been a ruling pop legend for nearly three decades. She has also served us some pretty iconic looks over this time. While she loves over-the-top, glamourous outfits, she never shies away from wearing trendy kaftan dresses and making beautiful outfit choices of her own. She has trusted kaftans during her pregnancy, for photoshoots, for Moroccan kaftan-inspired red-carpet looks, and for a casual stroll in the street. Kaftans seem to be a recurring choice in her wardrobe, and truthfully, we couldn’t be happier because of it.

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June 02, 2021 — Navin Rao