Our story

How we were born

The Kaftan Company was founded in 2016, at a time when too many brands were flooding the market, wooing customers with unbelievable offers. We wanted to own a space away from the chaos, shaping The Kaftan Company into a brand that is not only
vibrant, but one that the wearer aspires to own. A wearer that is independent thinking, free-spirited and seeking something fresh.

From the people
From the people
“…..I personally find their kaftans very comfortable, elegant and fashionable.”
— Anuradha Srikanth
From the people
"Kaftans by The Kaftan Company. When most people find it shapeless or breezy, I love them! The most comfortable it is... I rock them from parties to beaches and even resorts. I have a few that I also wear as loungewear. They don't bleed colour, are soft in fabric and makes me look and feel good!"
— Pooja Sriram
From the people
“Kaftans are great for travel. Flowing yet flattering with fun colors. I felt fabulous touring beautiful Italy.”
— Melissa McKeown
From the people
"These are the best kaftans. Design and Fitting wise by The Kaftan Company.... So comfortable."
— Supriya Shukla

Sustainability Collection

We believe that every strand when woven with a conscious mind can create a fabric that makes the wearer proud. It also makes us stand apart and choose more sustainable ways of doing everything we can.

Learn more about us as a virtually zero waste fashion brand and our continuous strive to improve practices in being a sustainable
fashion brand.


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