Why Are Kaftans A Must-have On Your Next Vacation?

Let's get real. The pandemic has been getting to all of us. This lockdown has been a real test for even the best of us. Everything that is happening around us is bearing down on our mental health in the worst way possible. We can't get away from any of it. What we can do is entertain the idea of a vacation- at home! A staycation!

In the summer, we want to lounge in the most comfortable clothes that are also chic and flowy. The perfect choice for that? A kaftan!

Kaftan clothing is highly trending in 2021. It is found in numerous designs, is easy to avail and can be used to make many fashion statements.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in this piece of womens kaftan dress clothing:

1. Stay chic all year!

Kaftans are loose-fitting, free-flowing, vibrant and yet, always flattering. While most women tend to think of kaftans as the perfect beachwear (because it is), kaftans are perfect for all seasons. You can wear them over a pair of leggings for the chilly atmosphere outside. And obviously, you could wear a colourful kaftan, add some accessories and flaunt it in the summers. Hence, a perfect choice for a staycation anytime, anywhere.

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2. Bigger bang for your buck!

Not only are kaftans trendy and comfortable pieces of women's clothing, but they are extremely easy on our pockets too. They are available in various designs and colours produced by many people dealing with women's clothing/ kaftan clothing online. It is an important aspect to consider, especially when you have the expenses of a vacation overhead. After all, who doesn't like to save a few bucks from their pocket *wink, wink*?

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3. Mind over matter:

The best part about owning a kaftan is that no matter your body type or age, it would look as flattering on you as it would on anybody else. You can wear a kaftan without having to worry about a beach body. Both lean-sized and plus-sized women can wear a trendy kaftan, accessorize it to their will, and style away! You should get to wear what you want, whenever you want. Kaftans cater to that choice!

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4. A minimalist approach to being fashion-forward:

It is not a secret that old 2000s fashion trends are coming back and are not going anywhere. Retro styles are shown to not be very practical in terms of comfort but again, the kaftans reign supreme. They date back to the Mesopotamian era and were used by designers like Christian Dior and Balenciaga in their collections in the 1950s. It is also a great way to go minimalist in an excessively materialistic world.

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5. One outfit for all occasions:

Kaftans are the perfect solution to overpacking and over-purchasing. Pair it with strappy sandals to make a beautiful beach kaftans outfit. Wear it with a pair of stilettos or high-heeled boots to get a date-night ensemble. Pack a kaftan, style it your way, and voila! You've got yourself a multi-purpose fit. Even for a staycation, it seems perfect as it caters to all your dressing moods and different styles. Yay, you!

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And that is why kaftans are a must-have on your vacation! So, what are you waiting for? Style away and stay chic!

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May 28, 2021 — Navin Rao