It is time to relish a Kaftan Party

Slumber parties never phase out. Whether you are 15 or going on 50, we all need a girl’s night in to chill with our besties, talk fashion, indulge in delicious food and cocktails, and doze off while gossiping in those classy Kaftans! Yes, pyjamas (PJs) and nighties can be relaxing but when you have a delightful alternative such as a Kaftan, there’s no reason to pick the mundane.

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The Kaftan Company’s swanky night wear range tempts you to add more panache to your catch-up sessions. The stylish Kaftans offer comfort while doubling up as fun wear for your evenings in with friends and family. The Kaftan Nighties, classic Kaftans and cute Kaftan sleepshirts offer an interesting alternative to the simple PJs and nighties. With three styles on offer and a wide array of colours and styles, there is something for everyone who is willing to experiment a little.

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The Classic Kaftan offered by the Kaftan Company has been around as sleep wear for decades. But, not as stylish as the ones offered here. Pretty shades, patterns, and comfortable cotton make these Kaftans an ideal choice to lounge in all day long and the evening, as well.

The nightwear kaftans range also brings a refreshing equivalent to the amorphic nightie. Many women, including the older generation, prefer the comfort of a nightie thanks to years of social conditioning on what is appropriate nightwear. Additionally, she steps out wearing the nightie (often with a dupatta) for morning chores like dropping kids to the bus stop, visiting the vegetable vendor, and greeting the milkman. So, her night clothes must be socially acceptable and be functional for morning routine. The Kaftan Nightie keeps that in mind by binding in comfort with style, daring to add a dash of elegance to a good night’s sleep and extend that to the morning madness. It is a charming choice that keeps the dull and boring away while respecting personal choices.

For those more inclined to experiment, the Kaftan sleepshirts are cute, trendy and perfect for a night in. About knee length, these sleepshirts offer the comfort of tees and the styling of a Kaftan. The bows and adorable embellishments make it an ideal fit for anyone with a young heart and a love for cute clothes.

The Kaftan Company’s sleepwear range adds a tasteful sensuality to night clothes that appeals to all fashionistas. With so many clothing choices for day wear, the Kaftan Company is extending the same choice to night wear making evening and sleep wear more glamorous and enchanting.

May 24, 2017 — Navin Rao