Iftar celebrations are trending these evenings. Whether you are fasting this Ramadan or have been invited to an evening of celebration to break the fast, your attire needs attention. Besides fasting, the month of Ramadan is a time for reflection and prayer. An Iftar gathering, no matter how swanky it maybe, is a traditional celebration and your attire cannot be a mere afterthought. Your wardrobe needs a range of outfits which, at the very least, must be modest and conventional. Buy ladies kaftan tops, kaftan dresses, kaftan nightwear, maternity and more at best price.

Modest though can turn into uninteresting and seem repetitive quite easily. Sarees, Anarkalis, and Achkans do offer a range of options that are lovely for social events. These attires stand for festive, fashionable and perfectly respectable. However, whether the get together is at a hotel or outside, the bounds of fabric amongst these styles seem like a hassle rather than relaxing choices. It is a terrible annoyance to carry heavy set clothes when your sole focus should be on relishing the amazing delicacies that Ramadan has to offer.

The Kaftan Company brings in a comfortable alternative with the Kaftan, which is both admiringly mannerly towards customs and easy to flaunt. Our classic yet festive range of Kaftans carry some exquisite embroidery flanked by flowing, breathable fabric and long sleeves.

Iftar Kaftan

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Ramadan Kaftan

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Ramazan Kaftan

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These Kaftans are anything but constricting. The stunning designs and colours move along with your movements in absolute ease. We offer a range to choose from that will suit all venues, be it a guest who wants to dress to impress or be the perfect hostess. Our special range of Kaftans for this festive season has a selection of choices regardless of whether you attend an exclusive Iftar get together, a more traditional gathering at home or a
casual kaftan outing for the Iftar buffet. These fluid layers are glamourous and stunning on their own and with you wearing these, your fashion sense will certainly not go unnoticed.

June 14, 2017 — Navin Rao