Maternity fashion trends that you should know

It is very often said that motherhood makes a woman complete. And that coveted visit from the stork bears good tidings of her impending bundle of joy. Yes, to have a baby is like being blessed by divinity! But before the little angel arrives from God’s abode, the mummy-to-be must prep well — both mentally and physically — for its grand welcome!

Dopamine Dressing 

Dressing well can certainly improve one's mood by releasing happy hormones, the feel-good neurotransmitter. There’s a strong connection between outfits and emotions that visibly comes across in the choice of attire on a particular day. Can a compatible wardrobe and makeup then add some significant value to help navigate those trying trimesters?

"When it comes to a new mother, everything about her influences the baby, especially the emotional aspect," comments Dr. Shefali Batra, senior consultant psychiatrist and therapist at Mindframes. "So, it's extremely important for the would-be mom to remain in good humour. For that, she may pamper herself. This discharges dopamine and endorphins for a better feeling and better bonding with the baby inside. Remember, if the mother is happy, the baby is happy too!" she ratifies.

Boast the bump and breathe easy

Antenatal care takes centre stage during pregnancy. So, no matter how slouchy a lady looks, she would love to rove in baggy, loose-fitting clothes and radiate a natural glow in her face. Given the change in her body shape, what kind of outfits would an expectant mother feel most comfortable in? Fashion stylist Rooma Mehta chimes in: "Most women in the family way today no longer shy away from flaunting their baby bumps. Rather, they choose garments in different varieties that fit into their new frames. Some expecting mothers like to keep their get-ups understated, while others brag about their maternity fashion. For me, comfy costume comes through an A-line dress or a large shirt with buttons."

At the very outset, it is essential to understand that a woman should opt for cosy clothes to tackle different stages of her pregnancy, as the body needs to breathe and relax. "Light, roomy clothing like kaftans can be most apt," suggests Prakruti Gupta Rao, co-founder of The Kaftan Company. Rao’s fashion label offers an extensive range of maternity wear best suited for women during this phase of their lives and even post-childbirth when thorough nursing is involved.

As Indian female body types and heights are different from their foreign counterparts, does designing clothes for a mom-to-be vary from one body type and size to another?

"Maternity lines work in the same way as regular apparel sizes do. However, the contentment factor differs from person to person. It is advisable to pick voluminous, layered, and breathable attire for convenience. As Indian body types are dissimilar to other ethnicities, flexible sartorial choices prove to be highly beneficial," reasons Rao.

Colour Shower

Regarding the colour code, the palette must be a mood-enhancer. Red, maroon, pink, grey, yellow, multicolour, black, light green, bottle green, deep teal lagoon, lavender, brunette, olive, orange, lilac, silver, midnight blue, and dusky truffle are a few current flavours. Women not only undergo a drastic physiological change but also have to deal with bouts of psychological change. "New mothers in large numbers also sink into post-pregnancy depression, which is quite difficult to overcome. The shade card plays an amazing role for expectant moms in both prenatal and postnatal stages. Warm dyes, bright and happy shades, and nice pastel tints can perk up her spirits," elaborates Mehta.

Print Power

An array of prints comes in paisley, digital, floral, geometric, striped, block, and batik varieties alongside ethnic and abstract motifs. Tiered and layered maternity wear with flared and puff sleeves is also doing the rounds.

Footwear Fetish

Earlier this year, Bollywood divas Alia Bhatt and Bipasha Basu were trolled in the social media for wearing high heels when they were pregnant. For zillions of netizens, this was like an act of throwing caution to the wind and wearing something so incorrect irresponsibly. "Casual shoes like sneakers and flats are apt to be worn during pregnancy because they offer more comfort and stability without pinching or squeezing the foot. Slides and sandals also provide ventilation and help keep your pair of feet cool," celebrity fashion designer and founder of La Fantaisie, Rachel J Amirtharaj, offers tips on the perfect footwear that complements pregnancy.

"When it comes to stilettos and sharp-edged, pointy pencil heels, it’s better to reserve those for some special occasions and avoid sporting one most of the time. Go for something that cocoons your feet," proposes Mehta.

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Author : Pramita Bose

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February 04, 2023 — Maternity fashion | Pramita Bose