We are the most recognized brand for Kaftans

When Introducing Our Brand, We Get Asked This Question Often,

Why a Kaftan?


Our Aim

To dress women in charming Kaftan’s that are fashionable yet comfortable.

We believe that our clothing will accentuate the beauty of every woman.

By using beautiful and soft flowing fabrics, we create clothing that is trendy,

in vogue and crafted in fine ornamental details.

The Kaftan Company Was Founded In 2011 By Prakruti Gupta Rao

It began when Prakruti was searching for something sophisticated, fashionable yet comfortable shortly after overcoming her battle with cancer. While researching, she came across kaftans as the ideal choice given its royal gaiety, but a limited range meant not enough styles to choose from.

She realized a market need for a more inclusive apparel collection that catered to these needs and so Prakruti Gupta Rao created “The Kaftan Company”. A comprehensive line of kaftans for each and every occasion. Whether it is a day at the beach, a visit to the mall, an evening soiree like a cocktail party or simply a comfortable and stylish option to lounge in, The Kaftan Company brings you the set of clothes to choose from.

How We Do It

Each kaftan is specially crafted to cater to ensure an ideal and seamless fit. Regardless of your size and style requirements, kaftans now come in many innovative designs and variations. We choose from a range of luxurious and sustainable fabrics, keeping in mind the latest trends ensuring you stay on-trend, always.

Since its inception, The Kaftan Company has grown from strength to strength. Selected as Asian Designer Week’s upcoming new designers as well as expanding internationally, The Kaftan Company aims to be your preferred destination for kaftans as we aim to create a kaftan empire. Presently, our kaftans are available across India, U.S.A, U.A.E, and Botswana (Africa) as we continue to grow.

How We Help Change The World

With virtually zero waste generated, The Kaftan Company continues its endeavor as a Sustainable Kaftan Fashion Brand. On-demand orders from boutique channel partners ensure high quality, timeless creations with a bespoke element catering to each client's needs. Fair and ethical production practices also ensure special artisans and traditional production staff of our team feel a family-like environment. The continuous practice of the selection of natural fabrics impacts our waste generation directly, thereby reducing the overall carbon-footprint as we strive to develop sustainable partnerships.