Catch co-ords not feelings with these stylish sets from homegrown labels

The Kaftan Company

Who says fashion can’t be comfortable? Well, the kaftan company sure has the will to change the face of fashion with their floozy and comfort savvy all overs. Prakruti Gupta Rao tends to cater to all of your co-ord set needs with her easy approach and trendy thought. Rao makes kaftans look more fashionable than any other style. 

Fashion and trends do walk hand in hand, speaking of which we have an amazing listicle of some of the recently popular co-ord set brands on the gram

‘I have enough clothes said no girl ever’ right? Hoarding trends and packing extra is every girl’s birthright. Keeping that in mind, what if you girls didn’t have to curate an outfit every time you go out? Sounds tempting right? Well, in that case, we have some popular co-ord set brands to provide you with chic and classy sets for your next get-together. Brace yourself, as you’re about to witness a stylish listicle for your wardrobes. 

The best co-ord set from homegrown Indian labels

The Boozy Button

 The Boozy Button is all about representing the best of both worlds. From vibrant hues to bizarre prints the brand is all about a quirky fusion of fashion and trends. Their boozy vibe tends to cover all your needs from leisurewear, chic luxury to beachy vacations. As per what their tagline suggests ‘The girl who’s busy by the day and boozy by the night’ this brand sure seems to shine out bright out of all the other co-ord set brands. 

The Lazy Gang Label

The name sure suggests lazy, but brace yourselves as their collections are worth activating your fashion instincts. The lazy gang label is your one-stop-shop for plush fabrics and dynamic prints to enlighten your wardrobes. From chic all-overs to customized co-ords you’re up for a trendy rollercoaster here. Furthermore, maximum stability and a keen eye for trends are what the gang leader, Noor Dhawan, aims for. 

Puneet Kapoor Label

Next up in line is yet another stunner in the list of co-ord set brands, Puneet Kapoor Label. The brand is nothing less than elegance personified. The true blue styles and the mesmerizing customizations make the brand one of a kind. From daunting designs to trending hues, Puneet Kapoor tends to cater to all the fashionistas out there.

The RealB

Our listicle of co-ord set brands sure is incomplete without the mention of this artistic and authentic clothing brand, The Real B. The core of their brand caters from elegance to luxury keeping in mind exquisite craftsmanship and exemplary designs. Binal Patel, the founder suggests ‘Fashion is the bonafide language of the empowered’ and this is exactly what one can spot through her splendid designs. 


Coord set brands are a must to add to your shopping list, especially when one talks about drawn and their vibrant collection. They aim at ‘feel good and look good’ power pieces. Furthermore, the brand is all about bold prints and sassy silhouettes making a significant mark in the land of fashion.

Tara and i

This pret-a-porter label is nothing less than a pastel punch in the field of fashion. From elegant fits to calm and subtle hues Tara and i sure should be an A-lister in terms of co-ord set brands. These versatile co-ords are occasion friendly and can be your perfect companion to accompany your wardrobe.


Its Poppin co-ords in here!! Poppi is a brand that caters to all your fashion instincts infused with comfort and chic clothing. Bringing street style to a trendy launch is what Poppi aims at. From pretty pastels to other subtle hues the brand is all about sustainable and stylish clothing.

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March 30, 2022 — JHANVI DUGGAL