How we were born

The Kaftan Company was founded in 2016, at a time when too many brands were flooding the market, wooing customers with unbelievable offers. We wanted to own a space away from the chaos, shaping The Kaftan Company into a brand that is not only vibrant, but one that the wearer aspires to own. A wearer that is independent thinking, free-spirited and seeking something fresh.

The Kaftan Company - Live Free

In many ways, what we wear is more than what the eye can see. The Kaftan Company is not just a collection of chic, cool and comfortable kaftans and other apparel. It is not even the gorgeous designs, choice of colours, and or even the compliments it fetches you.

It is you. Your dream to shine brighter with time. Your love of living the myriad facets of your personality. And most importantly, it’s your choice to live free. Every time you choose The Kaftan Company, you choose to be you. In every sense.

Weaving our story, sustainably

Our apparel is crafted with an ideal and seamless fit that complements all body types and styles. Here, fabric matters. Comfort matters. Detailing matters. But what also matters the source of these elements, and the thoughtful cut of the fabric. We believe that every strand when woven with a conscious mind can create a fabric that makes the wearer proud.

This is also why we create our prints digitally. Stepping away from age-old printing methods helps us save water, dyes, and even fuel. It also makes us stand apart and choose more sustainable ways of doing everything we can. We are also a virtually zero waste generating fashion brand. With fair and ethical production practices, we support the artisans practicing traditional craftsmanship using
natural fabrics.

Our philosophy

“It was not easy to step away from the mainstream, especially when we were one of the first companies to introduce kaftans. But I realised that what we wear is never about seasonal trends. Our apparel reflects what we are from within. It is the confidence with which we accept who we are - birthing from the freedom to think and act independently. At The Kaftan Company, this is what we aspire to create. We move people. We ignite a passion. We inspire a choice to live free.”

–  Prakruti Gupta Rao, Co-Founder

“Everything we do at The Kaftan Company is centred around the customer. Their joy is paramount
and their experience comes first. We do our best to service each customer, we’d love to have them for a lifetime.”

- Navin Rao, Co-founder

Brand for tomorrow

Style knows no geographies. Neither do fits and forms. There is an apparel for everyone, no matter which part of the world they belong to. At The Kaftan Company, we borrow from the past, and create a future where everyone can live free. We’re boldly stepping into a tomorrow, where we will shine as a global brand.