“My hope is that vintage is here to stay,” Alexis Novak, founder of Tab Vintage, tells Vogue.

As someone who appreciates a mix of contemporary and vintage fashion, how would you describe your personal style? Do you find yourself drawn to specific eras or designers when putting together an outfit? How do you think this trend will evolve in the future?

Perhaps the old vibes are back. People are recreating trendy fashion from the past. This is refreshing for individuals who prefer a blend of modern and traditional styles. It seems that moving forward in fashion means going back to those days. So, if you want to go with vintage and retro fashion, stick to this article till the end.

The Resurgence of Vintage and Retro Fashion

Fashion is a cyclical, time-traveling machine that perpetually orbits the universe of the past and present. It progresses similarly to retro fashion trends, though it's not about copying them—more like remixing them. Its popularity stems from a sense of nostalgia, with people taking pleasure in purchasing items with a contemporary twist. Remember the time when Gigi Hadid said, "Invest in classic pieces that will never go out of style,”. She speaks to the importance of building a timeless, versatile wardrobe. Top trends in retro clothing have returned but are more in line with the contemporary world. It is therefore essential to limit our discussion to the present day and find out how retro fashion is being used with a modern twist.

Look Back to the Vintage Fashion Trends! 

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Every few years, certain decades emerge as highly significant and noteworthy in the world of fashion. The 1960s transition brought forward 'Mod’ fashion: miniskirts, bold patterns, and psychedelic design features represent the rebellious essence of youth. The disco of the Seventies adopted sequined disco balls, platform shoes, and loud coloured fabrics, encasing the period's extravagant hedonistic appeal. Simultaneously, the nineties saw the development of minimalistic Nietzschean tendencies, commonly known as grunge, characterized by plaid shirts, ripped jeans, and combat boots.

Why do you get an urge to wear your grandmother’s saree or try that one flock your mother wore in college? That’s because the styles are coming back with a modern vibe. The aesthetic appeal of vintage outfits is truly unique. Occasionally, the weekly relaunch of unique new style ideas overshadows the aesthetic appeal of vintage ensembles. Therefore, it's advisable to revisit retro fashion trends, as they are currently gaining popularity.

Blending the Old with the New 

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The beauty of vintage fashion lies in its ability to add character and individuality to contemporary looks. However, fully recreating retro styles from head-to-toe can sometimes feel costume-like. The key is to strike a balance by strategically incorporating vintage pieces into your modern wardrobe.

Start with statement pieces. A bold print blouse from the 60s, a leather jacket from the 80s, or a pair of embroidered boots from the 70s can instantly elevate a simple outfit. Pair these eye-catching vintage finds with more understated modern pieces like tailored trousers, a crisp white tee, or a sleek midi skirt.

Accessories are another great way to infuse retro flair. A classic silk scarf, a structured top-handle bag, or a pair of cat-eye sunglasses can transport any look back in time. Don't be afraid to mix eras; contrasting vintage accessories with contemporary clothing creates an unexpectedly cool contrast.

When it comes to patterns and prints, vintage fabrics often have a richer, more unique look than modern reproductions. An original floral maxi dress or a boldly printed shirt can make a serious style statement. Balance busier prints with solid coloured layers or minimalist shoes.

Finally, consider fabrics and silhouettes. The drape of a 40s rayon dress, the swingy cut of a 60s A-line skirt, or the exaggerated shoulders of an 80s blazer can instantly elevate an outfit with vintage verve. Just be sure to incorporate modern basics to avoid looking like you've entered a time warp.

By blending the old and the new with an edited eye, you can curate outfits that are personal, eclectic, sustainable, and undeniably stylish. Sara Ali Khan chose a retro look for one of the new photoshoots and wore a checked skirt with a modern twist, proving that vintage fashion allows you to make the trends of the past your own.

Give a Way to the Retro Wear

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Sleek ribbons and intricate frills may come and go according to the trend spirit, but one thing remains timeless: the attraction to vintage and retro fashion. There are always a few unparalleled styles and trends borrowed from yesteryear that enable us to be in touch with both the old and new worlds while also adding our own unique twist.

Imagine yourself being spotted in one of these stunning vintage inspired pieces, turning heads, and making a statement. For this, visit The Kaftan Company’s website, a place where you can find the perfect blend of modern and old. It is where inspiration truly resonates and speaks louder than words.

July 01, 2024 — Marketing Team