The History Of Kaftans

Comfort and kaftans are considered synonymous! Initially worn as a robe or tunic, this versatile garment has been worn by several cultures across the world over the centuries. Kaftans started out among the royalty and then became popular among the common folk.

Simple, striped, printed or embellished, the kaftan suited all occasions. The Ottoman’s of the Turkish Empire wore this outfit mostly in bright colors with plenty of ribbons and button embellishments. In Northern Africa, women primarily wore the kaftan with the term being used for a one-piece garment. Buy Online Kaftans Dresses at the best price.

Regularly many styles, patterns and designs were worn including rich silk fabrics and delicate embellishments for social functions or a simple, printed cotton kaftan to wear around the house. The North African influence is widely seen in the fashion world with the Moroccan kaftans being popularized by designers everywhere.

Kaftans were initially full length (reaching below the ankles), but as time and fashion progressed, various lengths evolved like the hip length kaftan and the knee length kaftan. In the Western world, the kaftan was made popular by the likes of Christian Dior and Balenciaga who introduced this outfit as a loose evening garment. The hostess dress designed by Yves Saint Laurent in the 60’s took the kaftan fashion to new heights. Even The Beatles loved this outfit and made it popular among the hippie crowd of those times.

The kaftan is loved by people of all ages and back grounds thanks to its versatility, comfort and style statement! Buy comfortable stylish loungewear kaftans, nightwear pyjama sets, shorts sets kaftans, casualwear kaftans made with breathable fabrics online.

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November 29, 2016 — Navin Rao