The Pleasures of wearing a Kaftan

Okay before we begin with this topic, we want you to do little task - Close your eyes for a while. Simply shut down all the burdensome thoughts (no, it’s not that difficult of a job; it’s easy once you have the will to do it). Now, imagine being on a beach. It’s warm, and the summer breeze is swiftly touching your body and your soul with no clothing item to disrupt the sublime touch.

Does it feel good?

If you like this feeling, then you will definitely like wearing kaftans. Why? Because it’s airy, light and super comfortable – no contraptions or constrictions! Shop kaftan for women online at best price. Get printed kaftan dresses in different colors and patterns.

Need a dress for a night party? Have a religious function that you need to attend? Or are you going on a beach date? Kaftan is the solution for all. It is fabulously versatile and comes in a number of styles. Ankle-length, midi, sarong style; georgette, silk, cotton; embellished, simple - choose whatever your occasion demands without banging your head on the thousands of dress designs you have scrolled online. And let’s definitely think about the amount of sunscreen you’ll save with the help of a kaftan.

Are you still paranoid about your size? Firstly, you are perfect so don’t think otherwise; and secondly, kaftans will most definitely suit you. This garment was made with an ideology of ‘one size fits all’ and this is why we are simply biased about it. In fact, you should definitely try this amazing outfit if you are a plus-size woman.

And no, you won’t fall short on style. There’s a reason why kaftans have reverted to the mainstream market after being the royal attire for years. It comes in all prints and palettes, whether you are an abstract-fan or a monochrome enthusiast, newer trends in our kaftans won’t disappoint you.

A kaftan is also a treat for all the accessory lovers. It opens up the gate to great stylization options, making you free to experiment on the necklaces, ear pieces, anklets, and bags that can go with your ‘kaftan for the day’. Flats, heels, boho-style chappals - what doesn’t suit this garment type! Oh, and how can we leave out the belt styles that have come back with these kaftan designs, especially the weaved ones.

While talking about comfort styling, we definitely can’t miss out on the pregnancy wear. While those nine months bring about a great joy, the struggle of choosing an attire that doesn’t make you look and feel like a blob is never-ending. That is why kaftan, with its light and relaxing feeling, is a great option for all the expecting mothers. You can say kaftan is like the fancier and better cousin of our reliable onesie, just with loose arms and an astonishing appearance. Buy maternity maxi gowns and pregnancy dresses online at The Kaftan Company. 

We just have one word for kaftans - perfection! So are you willing to jump on the comfort wheel today? Great, because we are sure you won’t regret it. We didn’t!

December 12, 2016 — Navin Rao