Artisanal Kaftans, Handcrafted Luxury

When the Kaftan first exploded onto the international fashion scene, It was applauded for its comfy, chic and free spirited style. It was the quintessential hippie garment. A lot has happened since and Kaftan is as much haute as it is chic now. Buy Kaftan for Women online in different patterns and prints at best price.

Handcrafted Luxury - Kaftan CompanyKaftan spins the traditional argument on its heels, that couture is not comfortable and gives it an exotic twist with the patterns, techniques and the silhouette it stands for. 

With their fluid and versatile texture, a Kaftan is extremely flexible and doesn’t look out of place at an evening gala, a summer dress or at a beach. And Social media, particularly Instagram has solidified Kaftans’ status as a Vacation staple. With chic labels like Camilla and giants like Dolce and Gabbana putting their creative force behind this style, Kaftan is surely going to heat up the fashion scene in the coming years.

And keeping with the roots, hand woven and artisanal kaftans are all the rage. Handcrafted Luxury - Kaftan CompanyMany indie brands are looking at Kaftans as the next big thing and launching eco conscious labels, made out of natural cotton and dyes. Former British Vogue Editor Pippa Holt has officially collaborated with artisans from a small town in Mexico to create her line of luxe kaftans. The group of artisans, having decades of experience behind them use backstrap looms and take upto one month to bring one garment to life. Since everything is handcrafted, no two pieces are same. Well, if that's not haute couture, we aren’t sure what else is.

Pairing up these handcrafted raw Kaftans with high street fashion accessories, or even designer belts and bags from Gucci, Fendi and more, the label is selling its kaftans like hot cakes. ‘The beauty and timelessness of these exquisitely handcrafted Kaftans make them collectible heirlooms’, says Pippa Holt. With fashionistas looking at increasingly wide range of styles to make a splash, a handcrafted luxury Kaftan is definitely the next ‘IT’ thing.

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October 04, 2017 — Navin Rao