2018 Ramadan Collection from The Kaftan Company

Since time immemorial, Ramadan has remained as an important festival of joy and celebration. It is a time to be cherished with your loved ones in the mood of avid festivity and beauty. This Ramadan, The Kaftan Company has created a collection of kaftans using earthy textures along with dazzling pieces of art, pieces that aim to create the perfect symphony between subdued elegance and rich craftsmanship.

Tasseled Tale Embellished Silk Kaftan Kurta

Tasseled Tale Embellished Silk Kaftan Kurta

The silk kaftan kurta is the perfect choice for the festival of Ramadan. Without making a statement too overboard, the kaftan communicates simplicity, elegance and sheer class. The piece is done in a subdued shade of silver, with intricate floral pattern done all over the cloth.

Mosaic Modish Embellished Silk Kaftan Kurta
Mosaic Modish Embellished Silk Kaftan Kurta - Buy Here

 The inspiration for the pattern has been taken from the vibrant style of mosaic, resulting in a piece which is richly colored, and yet subdued by its earthy tones. The kaftan Kurta could be worn during the festival of Ramadan to embody the true essence of Indian textiles. The look is completed with a white purse and traditional footwear to compliment the kaftan.

Inked Ingenious Embellished Silk Kaftan Kurta
Inked Ingenious Embellished Silk Kaftan Kurta - Buy Here

During this season of Ramadan, pick up this drop dead gorgeous piece of clothing which has been inspired from the pure simplicity and beauty of mother nature. On an earthy tone of olive green, a beautiful pattern has been printed with royal blue ink. From the shoulders, beautiful tree twigs have been painted to compliment the inky patterns. Worn with black heels and complemented with a white purse, this kaftan could be worn with absolute grace and style without compromise.

Red Rosa Kaftan Kurta

Red Rosa Kaftan Kurta - Buy Here


Richly done on red fabric, the Red Rosa is the ultimate kaftan to wear during this festive season of Ramadan. Done beautifully over the red fabric is a finely done array of intricate stitching, dotted with little pieces of dazzling art.

Each piece crafted by The Kaftan Company comes with an uncompromising sense of beauty, elegance and style. This Ramadan, drape yourself with any of these fine Kaftans and be assured of standing apart from the crowd.

June 03, 2018 — Navin Rao