The Kaftan Company (TKC) takes the stunning elegance of kaftans to the stadiums with ICC World Cup Kaftan and dress for women

The obsession with oversized or more relaxed way of dressing has brought back kaftans into fashion’s inner circle. The epitome of glamour, the kaftan has become an essential garment for the jet setter for luxuriously languid leisure time.

Tuning in to the fashion frenzy is The Kaftan Company (TKC), which has unveiled the ICC World Cup Kaftan and dress for women, taking the stunning elegance of kaftans a notch higher to the stadiums, and keeping the sporting spirit alive.

Navin Rao, co-founder of The Kaftan Company, tells us that the purpose of launching ICC World Cup Kaftan was to provide more options for women who wish to support their teams while feeling stylish and comfortable in what they wear. “To support a sports team through attire, women hardly have other options besides wearing the team jersey with jeans or unisex clothes. To fill this void, we created a kaftan 

These kaftans are made using high-quality linen, which are comfortable and can be worn all day long. When it comes to colours, they have specifically focused on the colours of Team India to enable female fans to support their country in the upcoming ICC World Cup. 

“We take great pride in creating vibrant, stylish, and comfortable attires. They are extremely versatile and can be worn in a number of ways depending on the occasion and style preferences. You can use a belt to create a fitted look,” says Navin. It is easy to change the look of the kaftan 
by using complementary accessories too. You can layer it with a long or short sleeveless shrug or wear it comfortably as a stand-alone dress without any layers. “The diversity of options makes it easy for the wearer to decide what style she wishes to showcase and achieve the right look with a kaftan seamlessly,” he adds.

September 29, 2023 — Marketing Team