Keep calm and don a kaftan as The Kaftan Company launches runway-inspired collection, Tropical Vibes

Kaftans are having a moment in the sun, ever since the diva Kareena Kapoor Khan started the #KaftanSeries. Also, given the way sartorial preferences are changing due to the ‘new normal’, kaftans are being increasingly preferred over their counterparts with stiff shilluottes.

With all this in mind, Hyderabad-based online boutique The Kaftan Company recently launched its new collection called Tropical Vibes featuring lively loungewear. They are edgy, allow freedom of movement and the prints are a reminder of all the beach vacations you might be missing out on!  “They are designed to uplift our moods since a holiday is a far cry at the moment. Meanwhile, we can resort to prints that makes one feel as though they are on one,” says the founder Prakruti Gupta. Her journey of coming up with the label has been a rather personal one though. A few years ago, when she was diagnosed with cancer, her oncologist suggested she wear comfortable and boxy cuts. However, the more she looked for stylish but comfortable clothes, the more difficult it became for her to find the kinds she likes. That’s why a  the cancer-survivor came up with the label solely dedicated to kaftans. “Given the circumstance of the ‘new normal’ and celebrities professing their love for kaftans, we have seen that people have become increasingly interested in this ensemble,” adds the city-based entrepreneur. 

These kaftans are versatile and immensely wearable. The loungewear that The Kaftan Company sell is made of high-quality fabrics and come in beautiful designs. Since kaftans are also made end to end, none of the fabrics is wasted and they take care to be sustainable. The new collection, Tropical Vibes, for which Prakruti and her team digitally developed the prints themselves is a runway-inspired collection. “The motifs are inspired by the styles that we observed on the runway in the last few shows worldwide and loved,” shares Prakruti. The fabric used for this collection we learn was also specially developed. It is called Viscose Moss Modal fabric with Moss finish and is quite breathable.  Keep an eye out for their knee-length kaftans with bell sleeves and large floral motifs, collared sleepshirts, floral shorts set, gowns with overalls in breezy summer hues of green and blue. We also like their pyjama sets in lush green with bold tropical prints all the way.

Available online.
Rs 2,899 onwards.

Publication : Indian Express

Author : Paulami Sen

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July 28, 2020 — TheNewIndianExpress | Paulami Sen