Feeling Lazy? Relax in these Flowy, Light-Weight Loungewear Outfits Without Looking Sloppy

Home is is where the heart is, where the Wi-Fi automatically connects, and where we want to feel more comfortable and at ease than anywhere else. There is no need for clinging blouses, high-cut dresses, and body-hugging jeans. We can all think of sinking-in-the-couch, hair tied in a top bun, and loose yet cozy clothes that elevate the lounging-around experience. Below, we have compiled some of the best loungewear outfits you will love wearing around the house and while you hibernate. Read on!

1. Co-ord Sets -Prakruti Gupta Rao, Co-founder of The Kaftan Company This is one outfit that everyone is raving about on social media and wearing just as much thanks to its versatility and relaxed fit. Whether you want a monochrome satin set, a cotton printed set, or a knitted sweatshirt and lounge pants the options are endless, and there is something that suits everyone's style and budget. Co-ord sets with collared necklines or turtleneck patterns give this outfit a polished look, while the comfortable fit offers the right amount of coziness.

2. Hoodies Our loungewear clothes are supposed to feel easy, light, and warm against the skin. Unsurprisingly, we pick cotton, satin, wool, and silk fabrics. Besides delivering comfort, these fabrics give a more sophisticated and elegant look, which is necessary if you choose to wear this outfit outdoors. Just replace the bottoms with jeans or joggers, and you are good to sport a casual look. In addition to treating yourself with a hoodie the next time you go on a shopping spree, consider a pure cotton hoodie set as a gift for your special someone. This high-quality loungewear outfit will last them years and also depict your generosity.

3. Hooded Gowns Straight-fit, full-length hooded gowns are the epitome of stylish and comfortable loungewear. Not only do they make you feel warm and cozy, but they are a year-round outfit apt for both warmer and cooler days. As for the fit, the subtle side slits and foldable sleeves make this outfit breathable and worthy of a front-row seat in your wardrobe. Go for fresh or pastel tones; trust us, you will live in them day and night.

4. Pajamas Pajamas are a durable staple outfit for both women and men. We have all been wearing them all day and night, mostly indoors. But the good news is that some of the newly launched pajama styles can be worn outdoors effortlessly. especially if you want to run errands or grab a quick brunch and coffee with a friend. Just remember to pick pieces in playful prints, bold hues, or onesie patterns to avoid investing extra time in dressing up or accessorizing.

5. Kaftans Looking at Kaftans' flow, you can tell they were made for hardcore lounging. By this, we do not mean to say that Kaftans cannot be worn outdoors for casual or special occasions. Of course, you may, which is why brands are introducing myriad patterns, styles, fabrics, and lengths in Kaftans to cater to the distinct needs of fashion enthusiasts. From a lounging standpoint, we vouch for a cotton Kaftan, as it elevates the relaxing experience at home. For nights when the temperature drops and you feel the need to layer up, a jacket or throw blanket as a pullover will provide the much-needed warmth

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May 23, 2023 — Perfect Woman Magazine