What is it?

Thousands of years ago, a variant of the tunic/robe known as the Kaftan was created and has been worn by several cultures from across the world. The Kaftan served as a symbol of royalty given its grandeur in some cultures, while also being considered regular wear in other cultures for its breathable and comfortable nature. Offering modesty and glamour proved popular across the world and the Kaftan has been rediscovered time and again in a variety of forms. (It can fall to the hips or the ankles.)

Where exactly did it come from?

The kaftan is believed to be of Mesopotamian origin, (Present day regions of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq).It has since spread across the world to include varieties which are regionally specific with versions represented during the Ottoman Empire, from Western Africa, Middle Eastern, Persian, South East Asian, Jewish and Russian to name a few.

Are there any popular cultural references of a Kaftan?

Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Grace Kelly,Catherine-Zeta Jones, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Oprah Winfrey and the Olsen Twins are just a few of the celebrities seen in Pop cultures adorning the gracious kaftan.

What’s cool and new?

Newer fabrics, styles, applications and women’s appreciation of the uniqueness of the garment all make for a cool comeback of the Kaftan!