Fashion update: 5 must-have loungewear for men to 'chill in style' this winter Season
The loungewear fashion trend has gained worldwide acceptance in the recent few years. It has gone from being a daywear comfortable attire to a standard everyday outfit that can be donned at any hour and everywhere. While no one’s complaining about this easy-to-carry, new work-from-home outfit, upgrading your loungewear collection can help you feel more put-together — even if it means swapping your denim and cargo for stylish joggers.

Moreover, the winter season is upon us, and there isn’t a better time than now to reach for the warmest loungewear and let go of the lightest t-shirts and shorts for the next few months. But before you step out for a shopping spree, consider how you will sustain your sartorial splendor amidst cooler weather. Need some guidance? Prakruti Gupta Rao, the Co-founder of The Kaftan Company, suggests a detailed list of the best loungewear for men for the new season.

Fleeces for the Fabric Conscious
The fabric you choose is the most significant indicator of comfort. For winters, choosing outfits with fabrics that feel warm on your skin and are organic, such as cotton, elastane, or cashmere, is imperative. Fleeces tick all these boxes and are versatile enough to be worn for workouts, running errands, or even cozying up at home if you pair them right. The best part is that fleeces are an all-season option, making them the perfect choice for layering up during colder temperatures.

Polo Thermals for the Practical Investor
Though thermals were traditionally designed to work as inners, they have now gone beyond that purpose. Polo thermals can be great for those looking to invest in durable, multi-functional, and trendy loungewear. They are comfortable to sleep in them and flattering enough to be worn under a jacket or blazer for an evening outing. You might opt for them in solid shades like washed ink grey, white, deep navy, and bottle green. Rest assured, knowing these polo thermals will be an asset to your winter wardrobe.

Co-ords for Advocates of Casual Style
Men who prefer to slide into comfortable, light, and breathable fabrics can choose a printed co-ord set regardless of the weather. The collar shirt and shorts make for excellent home wear and, at the same time, can be worn for daytime outings. The fact that co-ords are size inclusive and available in a zillion prints and patterns makes them a preferred choice among men of different age groups. The only switch to be made during winter with this outfit is the shorts, which can be substituted with full-length joggers, tracks, or trousers.

Kurta Pyjama Set for the Sharp-Dressed Men
Let us accept it: nothing looks more visually calming and sophisticated than a pair of smartly fitted kurta pyjama sets. For years, we have seen our fathers and grandfathers wearing them throughout the day without complaining of wrinkled fabric or shrinkage. Of late, brands have given a modern twist to this traditional men’s loungewear by introducing them in different patterns, lengths, colors, and fabrics. This means there is something for everyone in this category of outfits. So, whether you want loungewear for winter or summer, the kurta pyjama sets are almost certain to give other outfits a good run for their money.

Tracksuits for the Ultra-Modern
Looking at changing weather patterns in India, investing in outfits that can be worn across the year would be a wise decision. What better than a pair of jackets and sweats featuring multiple pockets and a bold print? Whether caught in the rain or frozen in the snow, your tracksuits will safeguard you while making you look stylish. They work well as a layer over a t-shirt or tank or even on their own over jeans and favourite sneakers. You can stock up on a few matching jackets and interchange them with one or more sweatpants throughout the week.

The Bottom Line
Over the years, loungewear has sneakily made its way to our wardrobes, and almost every second, man is flaunting his comfy joggers or tracks. If you, too, are looking to make a dedicated loungewear purchase anytime soon, refer to this list that we rounded up as per the category. And the good part is that you will find supremely stylish men’s loungewear at every price point. Thank us later!

May 23, 2023 — Free Press Journal