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Feel like A Celebrity In A Kaftan

It's flashin lights wherever we go,
I feel like a celebrity oh oh oh,

We feel you S-Preme, we feel you- that’s the same feeling we get after we adorn a kaftan (especially those ankle-length ones), completely outshining in the fashion department. You become Samantha Jones, trying to flaunt the heck out of the outfit in the land of luxury Dubai (Sex in the City 2 anyone?). But that’s not just us; we haven’t met a single soul telling me otherwise.

Those needing a proof should simply google ‘celebrities in a kaftan’ and they will get what we mean. The pages are literally filled with a number of known and unknown celebrities going for every design you may think of- prints check, solids check, ankle-length check, sarong-style hell yes. Take an example of our ‘Unfaithful’ queen Rihanna who has been seen adorning this style not once or twice, but many times. Just last May, the singer was spotted in NYC wearing a blue-embellished Dolce and Gabana kaftan dress (ooh, so exotic!) styled well with a dark lipstick and a tight high bun.


And this is not the first case; she has been repetitively seen in a one kaftan-style or the other including my favourite printed dark kaftan with a front opening which Rihanna tastefully paired with a tight black singlet and gold jewellery.


While talking about kaftans, how can we miss out on Rachel Zoe who absolutely adores this style. This glam lady doesn’t hesitate to give tips on her favourite style of clothing, and kaftan sits comfortably on her year by year list of absolute summer essentials, between hair spray and moisturizer.


Another addition to this soulful list would be our Diva in Pink Paris Hilton who is known both for her bold personality and cutesy fashion. She herself says that ‘The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.’ And thus we shouldn’t be surprised to look at her type of kaftan style, which is simply dazzling. The socialite recently wore a low-cut printed Shahida Parides kaftan dress with slits on the sides, topping it off with a Swarovski boho-style head band and a ballerina.


Christina Hendricks from “Mad Men” fame is a HUGE advocate of Kaftans as well. For one of her birthday party, she had a 'Caftans and Casseroles' theme. Think about Comfort food! Comfort clothes!


They are not the only ones! Hollywood has seen a plethora of artists that have developed a taste for this exquisite style of dressing including Kim Kardashian, JLo, Naomi Watts, Fergie, Jessica Alba, Ciara, Ashley Olsen and many others.

So if your favourite celebrity has finely adopted this style, why should you stay behind? They are under spotlight for a reason!

  • Dec 19, 2016
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